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Our Artist in Residence, Dina Kowal, answers your questions

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  • November 18, 2020
    Q: Ginger wants to know: "How can I stamp multicolored fall leaf images?"

    A: If you have a stamp positioner, this technique is very easy! Start with your lightest color and ink the stamp up randomly. You can soften the edges of your inked areas with a baby wipe. Stamp, wipe the ink from your stamp, and repeat with your next ink color(s). You can also apply the ink with a dauber. This tutorial might give you some ideas. Another option is to create a multicolored ink "pad" with drops of ink on a baby wipe - that tutorial is HERE!

    November 11, 2020
    Q: skmrg asks: "Can you over heat embossing powder? Sometimes I have trouble knowing if I've heated it enough. The other day it looked like I had finished melting it but when I was painting around the stamped area some of the powder was rubbing off. Does that mean that I didn't heat it enough?"

    A: You can overheat the powder, and it will go dull and sort of soak into the paper. If there was powder rubbing off, then it probably wasn't heated long enough. Paper can make a difference though too - some papers that are more absorbent may take in the ink before the powder has a chance to stick. 

    November 4, 2020
    Q: Yvette wants to know: "I need some advice or instruction on how to make a card for a blind person."

    A: I'd definitely create a card that's tactile with lots of raised elements - die cuts, embossed layers, embellishments - with a variety of textures and recognizable shapes. For the sentiment, there are braille fonts that can be downloaded for free - I would print the sentiment in reverse, lay the cardstock onto a firm foam sheet, and press into the dots from the back side of the cardstock with a small stylus. That way they'll be legible from the front.

    October 28, 2020
    Q: nanamouse says: "I would like to make a dome card but am not sure how."

    A: A quick search showed several card designs with a slightly bowed front - this is done by creating a front panel just slightly wider than the base, and adhering it only at the sides. Check out the Bendi Frame Card tutorial for step-by-step instructions!

    October 21, 2020
    Q: Pegi asks: "I have a lot of Weekly Inklings but in moving last year I missed a lot of them. How can I get the ones I missed?"

    A: All of our newsletters are archived in the Tutorials section of the website - you can find all the back issues HERE. By the way, the Tutorial page also houses our vast tutorial library (over 800 tutorials!), insightful reviews by our Product Focus team, and all past answers to the Ask the Artist questions - you can even do a keyword search there if you're looking for information on a specific topic. Be sure to poke around for lots of valuable (and free) information!

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