Spinner Ink Background  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create unique alcohol ink backgrounds in a salad spinner.
Triple Easel Panel  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Showcase a variety of standing images on three easel features.
Color Lifting  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Control your color lifting with a stencil and damp cloth.
Double Water Stenciling  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Learn two different ways to use water with a stencil - a timesaver for creating a stack of backgrounds or tags!
Quilled Images  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Embellish a stamped image with quilled paper.
Sentiment Strip Pop-up  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Use a central pop-up fold for multiple sentiment strips.
Pseudo Soot Stamping  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Use pigment ink on metallic cardstock for a beautiful, safe alternative to soot stamping.
Color Wheel 101  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Learn to use a color wheel for eye-catching combinations.
Stamped Brayer Blending  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Brayer inks onto a solid background stamp.
Floating Strips  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Use acetate to float strips of cardstock over your card front.


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2-5-7-10 Box  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create party favors with just one sheet of cardstock, some scored lines, and some adhesive.
3” x 3” Note Card Tote  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create an adorable tote to give away 3" x 3" note cards.
3” x 3” Notecard Box  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create this beautiful box to hold your 3" x 3" notecards.
3D Circle Ornament  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Use die cut circles to create a dimensional ornament.
3D Dies  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Adhere die cuts to create a 3D image.
3D Frame Display  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Make a standing frame with die cut openings.
3D Paper Piecing  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Layer several stamped images to create a 3d look.
3D Pumpkin Place Card  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a cute paper pumpkin decoration for your holiday table.
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