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Circular Side Step Card  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Create a circle card with several steps on one side.
Clay Hanger   [ gallery ]
Stamp and color clay to create tile decor.
Clear Envelope Brag Book   [ gallery ]
Make your own photo brag book with clear envelopes.
Cling Wrap Background  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Make a unique textured background using kitchen cling wrap.
Coaster Gift Box  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Attach a few square coasters to make an open topped box.
Coaster Mini Book   [ gallery ]
Turn coasters from a restaurant into a book perfect for gift-giving.
Coffee Filter Prints  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
Use coffee filters to transfer watercolor powders to photo paper.
Coffee Gift Card  Video Tutorial   [ gallery ]
This cup-shaped card opens to reveal a gift card in a sliding panel.
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